What will East African playgrounds do for you?

Alongside the traditional student fundraising support of providing a budget for promotional materials or the materials themselves, running the information meeting, two fundraising workshops and a pre-departure meeting, East African Playgrounds will provide…

  • Up to 4 days of recruitment support from our team, to help lecture shout out, flyer, run stalls or do anything that you would like us to do to get the word out about the project.
  • Regular fundraising opportunities for your volunteers, from endurance events on campus to London and Manchester street collection opportunities.
  • Recruitment training for as many people as you would like – from just your leaders at our traditional leader training or to your entire committee via Skype.
  • Recruitment and fundraising support training for your student leaders, who will have the chance to work towards a new Leader Recognition Scheme.
  • The support of a full time staff member to support your students both in the UK and Uganda and any other initiatives which we can assist with.
  • Impact reports designed specific to your need, letting you know how many playgrounds your year has helped us build, children you have helped us impact and staff your year has helped us employ, as well as the amount raised.

Born out of student fundraising, we at East African Playgrounds know what sets charity support apart, and are keen to provide you with the best support possible, from assisting your students in every way we can to providing a truly unique experience to ensuring that your students are supported from the second they sign up to the minute they land back down in the UK, and beyond. You can view an example of the support we offer here, on our resources page.

What will you get out of it?

East African Playgrounds ethical overseas projects gives students a unique opportunity to both have the summer of a lifetime and be part of something truly unique. One of our utmost concerns is that the volunteer and community get equal amounts out of our international projects, which is reflected both in the transparency of fundraising  and in the building of the playground itself, which will benefit on average 1,500+ children over its 15 year lifespan – meaning that the playground will impact children that haven’t even been born yet. Your students will also receive our full support throughout the year, in anything from applying for street collection permits to applying for jobs, as our full time staff will happily write them a reference or assist in any other way possible.

Alongside the benefit to the individual student, partnering with East African Playgrounds benefits your department or society as a whole – allowing the society to attract a different type of student to its other international projects and being able to clearly see and take pride in the impact the partnership is having. We at East African Playgrounds are really proud to be able to show our partners and participants where every penny that they raise goes, and would produce ‘impact reports’ for you to present to corporate sponsors or at presentation evening, demonstrating how many playgrounds you have helped us build and how many staff you have helped us employ. We believe that, as a small charity grown out of student fundraising, we can offer you a unique experience and partnership.

Join us this year and see how much of a difference you could make – to your university and Ugandan communities.

Contact [email protected] to find out more.