It’s all about experiencing a new culture whilst giving children their childhoods through play. Weekdays volunteering at a school building a playground and weekends exploring the amazing activities on offer in Uganda. What's not to love!


Dates and duration

9th June – 5th July 2018

14th July – 9th August 2018

18th August – 13th September 2018


The Uganda Volunteer Project runs between June and September and is just under four weeks long. Above are the dates set out for the coming year. Volunteers are welcome on any other project date and we will make sure you are able to get to know your team beforehand. The dates signify when you land in and depart from Uganda and therefore flights will be organised accordingly.


Living conditions

An awesome part of the project is that you get to live within the school that you are working with. Your accommodation will generally be a unused classroom that has been turned into a dorm room for you. We provide a mattress on the floor and a mosquito net to keep you protected. The washing facilities are often a good old bucket shower in designated wash room and the toilets are usually a long-drop. The whole environment is simple but homely and allows you really bond with your team over the 4 weeks.

You’ll have a cook living with you who will provide your three meals a day plus a well earnt fruit break in the morning. She will cook a great mix of traditional Ugandan food but with a touch of food from home. The cooks are also trained in all dietary requirements and so should be able to cater to everyone’s needs.

Living in this environment adds to your experience and allows you to be part of local life in Uganda as well as giving you the opportunity to truly get to know the community you are impacting.


Building a playground

You will be part of a team who transform an empty playing field into an incredible playground in less than four weeks! You’ll be working alongside our skilled build team who will be guiding you every step of the way. Your daily tasks will range from digging foundation holes, mixing cement, bolting tyres together and painting too. You will never have been so proud of digging a hole, or have such in-depth conversations about a colour scheme of a playground before. Day by day, week by week you will see your playground go from a load of holes in the ground to a beautiful, colourful, exciting play space for children to enjoy for many years to come.


The creative play programmes

After a restful lunch, you’ll be working with different aged children within the school, running our creative play programme. Alongside our play worker and with the help of our creative play book you will be able to pick fun activities for the afternoon sessions. We have tonnes of ideas designed to use local materials and to encourage children’s creativity and problem-solving skills. You can be playing anything from parachute games to treasure hunts and even making kites out of local materials.


Playground opening

A day purely for celebration! The playground is finished, the children are excited and the community thankful. This is a day for the community to come together to appreciate your hard work. In true Ugandan style the day will be full of singing, dancing, speeches and heartfelt thanks. The children have been waiting for the playground to be finished for a long time so the anticipation of finally getting to play is simply overwhelming for them. This day will also celebrate the work that has been produced during the Arts and Play sessions with a big exhibition or ‘Art Attack’! Seeing the children play with such enthusiasm and excitement brings your whole journey together, really showing you the impact that you have made on a community, not just now but for the many years to come. The party often carries on to sundown with a campfire to finish the evening.


The programme

Approximate weekday plans

7am                          Breakfast

8am                          Daily briefing

8am – 11am              Playground building

11am – 11:30am       Fruit break

11:30am – 1pm         Playground building

1pm – 3pm                Lunch time

3pm – 5pm                Creative Play

6pm                          Dinner


Approximate project plan

Weekday on project

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: You'll be helping to build the playground in the morning at then running creative play programmes in the afternoon

Wednesday and Friday: You'll be helping to build the playground in the morning and then after lunch you will have the afternoon off to explore town, the swimming pool or start you weekend early.


First weekend: This is your arrival weekend, you'll be picked up from the airport and travel together with your team to Jinja for a relaxing evening at a backpackers overlooking the river Nile. On the Sunday you will have a lazy start to the morning, followed by an intro talk from our Volunteer Coordinator 

Second, third and final weekend: See the activities below. Each weekend will contain a different set of activities to choose from.

Please note: This daily and monthly plan is subject to change

Weekend activities

All weekend activities are completely optional and do not need to be decided on until arrival in Uganda, except for the safari. Ensuring the project can meet most budgets.


Activity weekend

Starting your weekend with a Source of the Nile tour, you can leisurely kayak from Lake Victoria onto the River Nile at sunset. Staying in dormitories overlooking the River Nile, you can choose from Horse Riding, Quad Biking and/or Bungee Jumping. Jump on a horse and take a unique ride through a typical Ugandan village and a stunning section along the banks of the Nile, accommodating any ability, this is an experience for all. Take a guided Quad Bike Safari into the heart of rural Uganda, visiting scenic places many tourists never get to see. Leap over the source of the Nile from one of the most spectacular bungee jumping sites in the world.


River weekend

The River Nile is one of the safest and most enjoyable rivers to enjoy white water rapids in a raft or tandem kayak. In the rafts, you will be in a group which will power over the waves; in a tandem, you sit in the front of the double seated kayaks and provide the power to get through the waves. Both are an incredible experience not to be missed! After a day on the river you get to unwind at a fantastic hostel, telling stories about your day around the campfire and then relaxing in the pool the following day.


Safari weekend

The safari is a 3-day long trip. On the way to Murchison Falls you can stop at the Rhino Sanctuary and walk alongside the amazing creatures. You will then take a morning game drive to see the amazing wildlife and an afternoon boat trip along the magnificent river to see hippos, elephants and crocodiles along your way. An adventure not to be missed.

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