The experience of cross-cultural interactions enriches your life and the world for the better. This is the reason why we provide ethical, transparent and supportive volunteering opportunities to help build a playground in Uganda. And by doing this you will see a change in yourself and the world around you.

By volunteering with East African Playgrounds on our Uganda Volunteer Project you will experience four incredible weeks. Living and volunteering within a local community to help transform a community school by building an amazing new playground from start to finish with a team of trained Ugandan builders and welders. You will also assist on our creative play programme to inspire children at a school to learn, explore and develop themselves.

At the weekends, you’ll have the chance to explore the wonders of Uganda, from discovering the animals on safari to explore the mighty River Nile or taking a relaxing walk along the banks of the river on horseback ... there is something for everyone.

You’ll be guided by our Ugandan build team as well as the international leaders to volunteer alongside the children and community you will be impacting. The whole project comes together on the playground opening day when you will get to see your hard work in action as you celebrate with traditional singing, dancing, food and of course-playing on the new, high quality, safe, fun playground you’ve helped build. 

1. Welcome to Uganda

Arrive in Uganda, coined ‘Pearl of Africa’ due to its beauty, welcomed by our UK Volunteer Coordinator at Entebbe international airport before heading to the banks of the River Nile to spend your first night.





2. Orientation

Waking up on your first morning on the banks of the River Nile you'll be briefed the plan for your time in Uganda with a talk from your Volunteer Coo-ordinator as well as some activties providers. You'll head off to your school where you'll have the afternoon to settle in, getting to know your surrounding, the team and the school. 






3. Playground build

Working alongside our professional playground building team you will support them in the unskilled labour of digging the foundations hole, mixing cement and bolting the tyres together. As the time goes on the metal and tyres start to take shape and look more like a playground!






4. Activtiy weekend 

Each weekend you have the opportunity to take on different activties. This weekend you can choose from horse riding along the banks of the River Nile (this is great for both beginners and experienced riders) or Quad Biking though the muddy terrain. Or if you want a more relaxing weekend you can simply chill by the pool or explore the town centre.





5. Creative Play

Alongside our professional teaching staff and your volunteer groups you'll be running creative play sessions for the children at the school. These sessions are designed to improve creativity, imagination and problem solving skills of the children. You will be involved in playing a number of games from well known games like duck, duck, goose to learning new local games as well as crafting using local materials.





6. River weekend

East African Playgrounds is based in Jinja, which is at the source of the River Nile, with the first stretch compromising of world class white water rapids. On this weekend you can choose the high adrenaline or more relaxed approach to exploring the river on a raft or kayak.




7. Painting

Now it's time to really make the playground look awesome. With your team and the schools you'll decide on the colour scheme and the decoration, adding lots of educational elements too.




8. Safari weekend

When in Uganda, how can you not take on a safari? Uganda has some of the most beautiful national parks bursting full of giraffe, hippos, elephants and lions amoungst others. The safari will take you to Murchison Falls National Park where you will see the River Nile travel through a 5 meter gap, the power of this is simply unreal. You'll go on a boat safari to see hippos, crocodiles and elephants if your lucky. As well as visiting a rhino sanctuary.





9. Playground Open Day!

Nothing can prepare you for a Ugandan playground opening party! Singing, dancing, speeches, games, food and hundreds of excited children playing on their new playground for the first time. Often our volunteer’s favourite days and one that will stay with you forever.




10. Home or more adventure

After an amazing few weeks of new adventures, experiences, friends and one awesome playground it is time for you to head home or on to more adventures. You can either head back home or take on some independent travel around more of Uganda or East Africa.