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In Uganda, refugee children’s futures are profoundly impacted by the lack of safe play facilities to heal, learn and develop. 

All children, everywhere deserve to play. Without play, refugee children’s potential for a brighter future is severely limited. A lack of educational opportunities and unresolved trauma, can have a negative and lasting impact on the future mental and physical health and employment prospects of refugee children.

Bidibidi refugee settlement is approximately the size of Birmingham.  57% of pre-school refugee children in Bidibidi don’t have access to early years learning opportunities. These children have lost the stability of their home, their country and for some, their loved ones too – their early experiences robbing them of their childhood.

By providing play-based learning programmes and safe and exciting playground facilities to 17 communities in the Bidibidi refugee settlement in Uganda, East African Playgrounds will enable 27,000 refugee children to have increased access to early years education and to improve their health and wellbeing.

57% of refugee children are currently missing out on early years education which will have a profound impact on their future.

Play is an effective tool to help refugee children heal from the traumas they have experienced. The path to rebuilding hope for a more positive future is brighter when fun and safe play is accessible. This is an essential and often forgotten part of childhood for children living in refugee settlements like Bidibidi. With play comes possibility. It breaks down barriers and helps rebuild lives.

By providing access to play and education, we will support the long-term health, well-being and employment prospects of refugee children and empower them to map their own path to a brighter future.

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Play for Brighter Futures aims to give 27,000 children greater access to early years education, including safe and exciting playgrounds. Local education providers will receive play-based learning training to enable them to better engage with and support refugee children.

Help us to unlock refugee children’s potential through safe & exciting play & help them access a brighter future.

Donations made between 1 March and 1 June will be matched by the UK government.

Many children in refugee settlements such as Bidibidi arrive unaccompanied and have experienced severe trauma in their short lives. When parents and caregivers are absent, child-headed households are common and play is limited and all too often  non-existent. Children like Peter can benefit hugely from access to play, meaning he and others like him can get their childhoods back. Peter’s social worker says,

“When we first met Peter, he was always on guard – he carried a sharpened stick around with him for protection and did not interact with the other children at all. We started to take him to the playground regularly, and over time he started to play. He would go down the slide, or play on the swings, but always with his stick. Over the course of a few weeks, he started to put his stick down more and more often, and eventually left it behind completely! But the most incredible surprise was the day he started bringing his sister, Grace, to the playground with him – he introduced her to other children, and spent the whole day laughing and smiling. The two of them are amongst the last to leave the playground each day now. Seeing that transformation in Peter was incredible – he has his childhood back.”

£5 will provide an outdoor games board for children to play in a relaxing environment

£15 will provide a drum set so children can be creative and dance to their own beats

£30 will provide a group of tyre animals as part of a new playground to send children on an imaginative safari

£50 will provide a seesaw as part of a new playground

£100 will provide interactive play-based sessions that increase interaction between children and their parents

£250 will provide children with a double swing to give them the opportunity to reach new heights

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