We’re partnered with over thirty educational establishments across the UK; together we’re creating the next generation of skilled, ethically-minded individuals and giving children their childhoods back through play. We work with each school or college to build a partnership that works for them and their students – whether that’s presenting an opportunity to come out to Uganda and see their impact first hand, running our “chance to play” scheme, or something entirely new!

Our most common partnerships are...

Primary and Prep Schools

We often run a Chance to Play Day. This is an opportunity to teach the children about the importance of creativity and the impact they’re able to have on the lives of those less fortunate. 

With an assembly that engages the children with the cause, scaffolding for lessons and a number of activities available to download, you can find out more by emailing [email protected]

Secondary and Middle Schools

We like to find unique opportunities for each and every secondary school we work with – we’ve been supported through everything from non-school uniform days to on-site krispy kreme sales, opportunities to gunge teachers on sports day and even by offering the school car park to shoppers over Christmas in exchange for donations!

We can offer support putting together alternative careers events, assemblies that engage students with the wider world and more. Take a look at our fundraising pack here, or get in touch with one of our team who can help produce a bespoke idea and scheme of learning for your school.

Three photos of a lady doing handstands as a fundraiser

Colleges and FE Institutions

We’ve partnered with a number of colleges to provide a Uganda Volunteer Project.

We provide a tailor-made engaging trip to Uganda that will allow students to get their hands dirty building a playground whilst living within a community and exploring the wonders of the pearl of Africa.

Download our information pack here.

School group celebrating their playground build in Uganda

For universities, please click here.

If you're interested in partnering with East African Playgrounds with a different idea to the one listed above, please get in touch with Andy on [email protected] who'd be happy to talk about what we can offer to your students in return for your support.