We know that these are truly challenging times for everyone and we can all do something to improve how we feel, while making a huge difference to the lives of those around us. Quest to Bidibidi  is a virtual challenge that starts at the charity’s Headquarters in Bletchley, in the UK and takes teams of up-to 12 people across 10 countries, covering 8,800km to Bidibidi settlement in Uganda.

Many children in East Africa have limited access to safe and fun play and their lives will inevitably be further impacted by COVID-19. Funds raised by teams who take part will help East African Playgrounds fund more projects to help children in East African enjoy the benefits of play. Join the Quest to Bidibidi today!


Sign up    

Visit: www.tinyurl.com/bidibidiquest and sign-up. It costs £10-25 per person to enter and you will receive a  medal of achievement when you complete the quest. Decide your team’s name and contact Jack, our Fundraising and Partnerships Manager who will assign you to your team and give you a super supporter fundraising pack. Email: [email protected] 

Choose your Activities

It's an 8,800km journey from Bletchley to Bidibidi, you'll easily be able to nail this quest through regular exercise, raising funds for East African Playgrounds and completing fun challenges. Choose your favourite and use our handy activity converter to clock up kilometres to add to your team’s total. Whether a walk around the block, a home workout or gardening is your thing, there’s something for everyone!


Contact your friends, family, co-workers, everyone you know to spread the word and let them know your doing something amazing and impacting the lives of vulnerable refugee children by supporting our programme in Bidibidi, Uganda. Get social and share your progress on social media using the hashtag #BidibidiQuest

    Improving Well-being Through Play

The lives of children like those in Bidbidi refugee settlement are severely impacted by a lack of safe and exciting play facilities. In fact, 57% of pre-school refugee children there don’t have access to learning opportunities.  At the moment, everyone’s lives, in the UK and across the world have been affected by the pandemic. Quest to Bidbidi offers an opportunity for you to have fun with your friends and do something amazing by taking part in your favourite activities. By joining the quest and fundraising, you will be improving your own mental and physical well-being and the well-being of vulnerable children in Uganda, for whom, life will be even more challenging than ever!


     Stay Connected

The Quest to Bidibidi is an amazing to have a shared experience with your friends, family, and colleagues, working together to achieve something incredible. There has never been a better time to make sure you reach our to others and what better way to do that than to take part in a challenge that will boost your fitness levels and see you competing against other teams?  Use the hashtag #BidibidiQuest on social media. We’ve got some awesome challenges to put your team to the test as your virtual quest takes you through 10 countries as you head for the finish line.


      Activities + Kilometers = Donations

Your support means everything. Donations help us continue our work to ensure that every vulnerable refugee child in East Africa has access to play. When you play through an activity of your choice, you clock up distance and the more donations you receive for your efforts, the closer we get to achieving our mission. We suggest a fundraising target of £50 per team member. Depending on your team size, your team target will vary! Team of 6 x £50 = £300. Team of 8 x £50 = £400. Team of 12 x £50 = £600.


Need some more information? Get in touch with Jack, he’s on hand to make your Quest to Bidibidi the most amazing virtual challenge you’ve every embarked on! [email protected] 

Join the Quest    

Thank You for joining our Quest to Bidibidi, Good Luck and Have Fun!

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