Want to stay involved but cannot come to Uganda again?

No worries at all. We have lots of opportunities for you to talk about your experience over and over again!

Help promote the project at your university

If you’re keen to help us recruit next year’s volunteers but can’t commit to the role of leader, we’d be incredibly grateful for your support over the week of the main information meeting – whether you’re free to lend a hand to put up some posters, or just invite all your friends at university to the information meeting Facebook event, any help getting the word out is really appreciated!


Help us get more volunteers to join

We can send you a stash of resources for you to promote the project within your community. You can even host your own info meeting, with the help of our descriptive new information video.


Write a guest feature for our blog

We are always looking for to share our volunteer’s experiences on our blog, so if you would like to be a guest feature on our blog then please just get in touch.