Uganda does not have specific playground safety standards or guidelines. This allows for the fabrication and installation of unsafe playgrounds. Unlike a unsafe classroom block which will get closed off if it is deemed unsafe, a playground will continue to be used by children even if it is unsafe, as it is very hard to stop a child from playing!

Due to this we have collated the safety standards from around the world and summarised them in the points below. Many of the playground build in Uganda do not meet these guidelines and so we are lobbying the government for them to introduce these as official standards. The areas below point out the most common playground hazards that are found with playgrounds in Uganda.

Structural design

  • Collision hazard
  • Entrapment hazard of head, limb, finger and body
  • Impalement hazard
  • Incorrect swing and slide angles
  • Foundations being to short
  • High residual heat


  • Low quality materials in particular metal
  • Budget paint
  • Low quality welds
  • Low quality cement mix

Playground design

  • Insufficient safe fall zones
  • Lack of variety of play opportunities, most playground offer only active play and so neglect the other types of play

Ugandan children deserve to have quality, safe and fun playgrounds

This can be done by developing a set of regulations, policy and guidelines for playground safety, standards, construction and type of equipment to include.

East African Playgrounds have the experience, skills and knowledge to support the MOES and develop these guidelines, regulations and policies.