The playgrounds East African Playgrounds installs are unique due to their wide-reaching impact and the high quality standards each playground meets. 

Our playgrounds:

Use high quality materials

When installing a playground in a community where you know 100+ children will come to play every day, the materials need to be extremely high quality and long lasting.

Adhere to safety standards

We ensure every single part of every playground we design and install meets international playground standards. We also safety check every part of our playgrounds before they leave the workshop and once they are installed in the community. 

Are community designed

Through our ‘Play your Way’ programme, we engage with the community and children to find out how the children currently play and what the play history is within the community. We gain this information from them through many games and activities. From this information we gather, we design their playground to encompass the essence of their community and play culture.

Toy giraffe

Are well maintained

Through our maintenance programme, a team will be fully trained on how to regularly maintain the playground and so will the children. The community take on the responsibility of keeping the playground tidy, safe and clean.

Use local materials – investing in the community

Every part of the playground is made from local materials, except the swing bracket (the children swing too hard!) This allows the benefit of the playground to be felt more wider than just the local community, supporting the Ugandan economy and small businesses.

Provide employment and apprenticeship opportunities

Our playgrounds are constructed and installed by our highly skilled builders and welders. Many of them came to us through our apprentice scheme which has given them the skills to either stay within East African Playgrounds or gain further employment.

Play hospital

As you can see from the way we work, the impact we have is wide-ranging. The children gain a wonderful playground that is safe and exciting to use, giving them their childhoods through play, and the local community and economy benefit too. Building a playground for a community really is a win, win in everyone’s books.

If you know of an Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre, primary school, hospital or refugee settlement in East Africa that is in need of a playground, then please find out more information on our page

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