Hello! This page is the result of an EAP collaboration with students from Cardiff University. The six of us pictured below are each studying for an MA in International Public Relations and Global Communications Management and have been tasked with running a digital campaign on behalf of East African Playgrounds.

We initially approached EAP as we all found that the charity’s message of developing communities through the concept of playing resonated with us. By focusing on the youngest members of the community, and developing their emotional, physical and social skills through playing, EAP are able to make a lasting impact for some of the most disadvantaged children in Africa.

Therefore, our campaign ‘#PlayForTheFuture’ will focus on the concept of play, and the important role that childhood plays in everyone’s life. So, from Monday the 23rd April watch this space and the social media channels below to follow our three-week campaign to raise awareness of both the charity and the key issues it raises!

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Play is in an important factor in the wellbeing and development of a child. In communities across East Africa, children spend more time out of school looking for work or helping with chores at home; play is often viewed by adults as a waste of time. There are limited play facilities available for children in the community, and the playgrounds that exist are often poor quality or unsafe.

The Play for The Future campaign raises awareness on the importance of play; and how the East African Playground charity has made an impact in the lives of Ugandan children and communities. East African Playgrounds strives to ensure that every child should access their right to a childhood and no youth should be left without the skills to develop.

The campaign will involve:

  • Videos of people from around the world and how the importance playing as a child made a difference in their lives
  • A Play for The Future talk that will be held in Cardiff University. The Cardiff community will learn about the charity and how they can contribute to making a difference for children in East Africa.



Who are we:

Play for The Future is a Cardiff University postgraduate student led campaign. The team members are studying International Public Relations and Global Communications Management, and the campaign will run over a three-week period. The students in the group are Callum Jones, Ed Priest, Juliet Bawuah, Lorraine Muganda, Mathilde Lafranque and Yang Peng. This project is part of the Digital Communications Management module, where students are required to collaborate with a client of their choice and conduct a successful digital campaign.

Why East African Playgrounds:

East African Playground (EAP) is a UK registered charity and international non-government organization (NGO) that believes in the importance of play for disadvantaged children across East Africa. In collaboration with UNICEF they build playgrounds in primary schools and children friendly spaces in refugee settlements, and provide play programs for communities in Uganda. This provides a turn key solution, where the tool of play contributes to the life- long development of a child’s life. The charity not only wants to make a difference in lives of the children, they believe in developing the communities that surround the disadvantaged children.  

According to Filipova et al (2016), play serves an important role in developing children’s long-term outcomes, especially for those living in poorer environments. Play leads to the development of social and cognitive skills in children, and the team believes in raising awareness on the importance of play and how it is vital in a child’s life.

From L-R: Yang, Mati, Callum, Lorraine, Juliet, Ed