Uganda is a beautiful, green country with the mighty River Nile running through the middle and with a warm, welcoming culture that many fall in love with from the moment they arrive. Uganda boasts a diverse landscape from lush green forests to snow-capped mountains to vast lakes. This diverse landscape means it is home to some of the most incredible animals in the world, from over 1,000 species of butterflies to all the big 5 game mammals to spot on safari.

Uganda has been nominated as the best place to travel in the entire world by the Lonely Planet Travel Guide, and is regularly ranked as one of the most beautiful countries on earth. The reason for its popularity is not just its breath-taking landscape, incredible wildlife and friendly people. But also due to how safe, and traveller friendly Uganda is. Almost half the population is under the age of 15 years old, making for packed schools and busy communities of children playing.

Uganda has a rich culture and a strong community feel, in the villages many have land they farm or a small shop they own to sell the essentials. The largest export from Uganda is coffee (19%).

When living in Uganda as part of our volunteering project, you will be submersed into the local culture along with your group of volunteers. Living in a classroom turned dorm room, eating the local food of rice and beans and collecting water from the borehole. Life becomes a little simpler, but a lot richer.

For a quick summary of what life is like in Uganda, watch our video below!