You’ll explore the natural beauty of the country over a five-day trek – trekking and canoeing across the lakes and foothills of western Uganda, you’ll experience every terrain the Uganda has to offer. You’ll canoe across lakes, climb over mountains, trek through rainforest, and experience stunning scenery at every turn of the journey. 

You’ll discover the last remaining wild silverback gorillas, feeling like an intrepid explorer who walks untrodden paths to find them. You’ll spend an hour in the company of the gentle giants, and contribute to the conservation of this critically endangered species by visiting.

You’ll support the development of a community, by transforming an empty playing field into a safe, fun and exciting playground for children to enjoy for generations to come. Living and volunteering within a local community, you’ll help transform a community school by building an amazing new playground with a team of trained Ugandan builders and welders. You will also assist on our creative play programme to inspire children to learn, explore and develop themselves for a brighter future.

1. Welcome to Uganda

Arrive in Uganda, coined ‘Pearl of Africa’ due to its beauty, welcomed by our UK Volunteer Coordinator at Entebbe international airport before heading to to the Ugandan Wildlife Sanctuary overlooking the beautiful Lake Victoria.





2. Team briefing at Wildlife Sanctuary

Waking up on your first morning at Uganda’s Wildlife Sanctuary. This is where young safari animals, who have been saved from poachers, are cared for. After your orientation and briefing from our Volunteer Coordinator, you get the chance to meet some of the infant animals that have been rescued.






3. Travel past the Equator

After the Wildlife Sanctuary you and your team will travel down to the southwest of Uganda. We make a special stop off at the Equator line before arriving on the shores of the stunning Lake Bunyoni for a swim, beautiful meal and campfire where you'll meet your awesome Ugandan trekking guides.






4. Trek and canoe across the highlands 

You start your trek by taking traditional wooden canoes around the beautiful Kyabahinga peninsula, before hiking to the summit to take in the breath-taking views and scenery. These days include visits to the local brewers, herbalist healers, stays on amazing community islands and a mix of hiking and canoeing.





5. Hike through forests

Your team enter the enchanted Echuya forest, home to some of the last Batwa Pygmy tribes. You’ll meet a Pygmy elder who will guide you through this amazing forest before breaking into the rolling hills, with views of the three ancient volcanoes in the distance as you push on to the jungle home of the Gorillas.





6. Gorillas in the Mist

Waking early to see the mist rising from the jungle, your team will join the trackers and trek towards a Gorilla family. You'll spend time in the presence of the king of the jungle and his family before heading back out to base camp to share experiences and tails of the day over a cold beer. 




7. Relax on the Nile

After a week of trekking you head to the source of the mighty River Nile to relax, unwind and experience one of the best sunsets in the world. For a few days you can chill by the pool, relax in hammocks or even get your adrenaline fix whitewater rafting, quad biking, horse riding or bungee jumping!




8. Playground building

Your team will spend a week living in an amazing village community, working alongside our playground building team to install a brand-new playground. You'll also help run creative play sessions for the children of the village. You’ll experience first-hand why Uganda has the reputation as one of the friendliest places on earth.





9. Playground Open Day!

Nothing can prepare you for a Ugandan playground opening party! Singing, dancing, speeches, games, food and hundreds of excited children playing on their new playground for the first time. Often our volunteer’s favourite days and one that will stay with you forever.




10. Home or more adventure

After an amazing 21 days of new adventures, experiences, friends and one awesome playground it is time for you to head home or on to more adventures. You can choose to extend your time in Uganda by joining one of two amazing extension trips. You can either head out on a 3 day Safari to see the big five in their natural habitat and the worlds most powerful water fall, or you can take on the adrenaline filled 3 day Nile Kayak adventure where you'll take on the world famous rapids of the River Nile.