The Gorilla Trek is the ultimate African adventure ...

... allowing you to discover and explore whilst supporting development in the incredible country of Uganda.

You’ll explore the natural beauty of the country over a five-day trek – trekking and canoeing across the lakes and foothills of western Uganda, you’ll experience every terrain the Uganda has to offer. You’ll canoe across lakes, climb over mountains, trek through rainforest, and experience stunning scenery at every turn of the journey. 

You’ll discover the last remaining wild silverback gorillas, feeling like an intrepid explorer who walks untrodden paths to find them. You’ll spend an hour in the company of the gentle giants, and contribute to the conservation of this critically endangered species by visiting.

You’ll support the development of a community, by transforming an empty playing field into a safe, fun and exciting playground for children to enjoy for generations to come. Living and volunteering within a local community, you’ll help transform a community school by building an amazing new playground with a team of trained Ugandan builders and welders. You will also assist on our creative play programme to inspire children to learn, explore and develop themselves for a brighter future.

Not your standard volunteering expedition

Mixing epic experiences with ethical adventures

The Gorilla Trek is all about giving students the chance to have a once in a life time experience whilst also making the biggest impact possible. You will return with inspiring stories, experience and new friends. What you will leave, is a legacy of safe, fun and creative places for children to enjoy for generations to come.

By joining the Gorilla Trek you will also support the conservation of the Gorilla habitat, the development of the communities who live side by side with the gorillas and the training of former street children as builders and welders in East African Playgrounds training workshop.

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Our volunteers amazing impact

Since 2009, volunteers like you have helped East African Playgrounds give children their childhoods through play, giving these children the vital developmental benefits to achieve their potential in life. Volunteers like you help East African Playgrounds to build tailor-made playgrounds for a school as well as engage in creative play to enhance problem solving skills and creativity. Making a difference to hundreds of thousands of people within Uganda.

You can help us achieve even more this year