East African Playgrounds needs enthusiastic, excited people to join our volunteering projects to help give children their childhoods through play in Uganda.

We have two award winning programmes to select from:

Uganda Volunteer Project

Submerge yourself within the local community during the weekdays to complete an amazing new playground and run creative play programmes and explore the adventure activities at the weekend.


The Gorilla Trek

Take on a trek to see the last remaining silver back mountain Gorilla’s as well as volunteering to help build a new playground and maintain an existing one.


But why do we need you?

1. To help implement our programmes

By volunteering with East African Playgrounds, you not only help to build a playground in Uganda, you are also part funding many more.

Constructing a playground within a community in Uganda, has benefits that you may have never considered. We often see increased school enrolment, better attendance, improved concentration and a reduction in anti-social behaviour. This is alongside all the standard benefits that play gives a child; physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills.

We simply ask our volunteers to be enthusiastic and ready to get stuck in as these attributes complements are highly skilled Ugandan builder, welders and project managers who guide you through the project.

With your fundraising and payments, we make it clear to see where the money you raise and pay goes too, so that all costs are transparent and you can be proud of all that you have funded. Our playgrounds are high quality and we continue to maintain them so the playground is going to be around for many years for children to enjoy.

2. To share a realistic portrayal of Africa

Africa is an amazing continent that should be celebrated around the world, not pitied. Promoting the wonders and fantastic things that are happening across Africa will help its development far more than the negative portrayal we are used to seeing in the media.

Our projects are specifically designed for each of our volunteers to experience the diverse nature of Uganda. Allowing the volunteers to be part of a local community, see varied landscapes as well as all the wonderful wildlife.

3. Cultural exchange

Simply by meeting people from another country is a wonderful educational experience. We ensure that our volunteers and communities are fully prepared for the differences in culture prior to their departure, to reduce miscommunication.

Learning about someone else’s culture has a great influence on another person, so it enables them to see things in a different way and understand how and why people act differently.


We are absolutely committed to providing the best volunteering projects for all involved. We have a dedicated team of staff who will journey through with you from joining us, fundraising, training and preparation to even being in country with you volunteering.

With hundreds of companies offering volunteering opportunities that are both expensive and have a negative impact on the people and communities they are supposed to support, volunteer abroad has got a controversial name. But we believe that done well, the impact in endless. Our projects have been able to develop and grow due to the clear values and ethics that we follow.


The history of the volunteering projects

When East African Playgrounds was founded in 2009, Tom and Carla (the founders) had contrasting experiences with volunteering organisations, one very poor and the other fantastic. As the idea for the charity was growing so was the way in which the charity could engage supporters. What better way than for your supporters to help build the playground they fundraised for. And so, our volunteering projects began.