Yazmyn Ellis East African Playgrounds have already built playgrounds for hundreds of children across Uganda, and next summer I will be helping to build another one. I will also be trekking through the Ugandan Rainforest to try and see some of the last remaining wild Mountain Gorillas and learn about the conservation work that goes on to try and save these wonderful animals.

Your donation could really help children live a more enjoyable life with fun equipment to play on -
- £10 builds a toy giraffe for a child to play on
- £20 helps provide safety equipment for a young adult
- £50 goes towards an outside table for board games with chess and chequers
- £250 would build an 8 piece obstacle course which would provide hours of fun!

We are aiming to build the best playground possible for children who would really appreciate it. We will also be re-vamping some of the playgrounds that have been built in previous years to give them a new lease of life.

This is such an amazing experience and I am thoroughly looking forward to helping those who need it - I can't wait to meet all the children and try and teach them some new playground games.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your support! Yazmyn Ellis