Katie Town Since 2009, East African Playgrounds has installed over 200 playgrounds in communities across Uganda. Next year, I will be participating in the installment of one of these playgrounds among other activities throughout the project to benefit a local community. I believe that all children should have the opportunity of a fun and enriching school experience, with this being the opportunity to give back to those not fortunate enough to have these privileges I had in school.

Some of the benefits that this project has shown to have include that of:
- Improved social skills
- Improved physical skills
- Improved teaching practice
- Improved emotional well-being
- Improved cognitive skills
- Improved school readiness
- Decrease in anti-social behavior

In order to fund for this trip, I will be doing various measures to raise the £2000 needed to cover the expenses, including this fundraising page.

Any donations towards this would be highly appreciated to help me achieve my target goal and participate in such an amazing project.

Katie Katie Town