Charlotte Mycock Hi there,

In August 2018 I am going to be flying out to Uganda with the charity East African Playground and during this time we will be volunteering for the charity to build a playground at a school. By building playgrounds the charity aims to bring play into the children's lives as it is essential for learning and their well being. It helps them develop social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills.

I will be visiting Uganda for a total of 3 weeks, in which we will begin by trekking through west Uganda to find some wild Gorilla's which are diminishing in population. The final part of our trip will be spent building a playground, doing maintenance work on other playgrounds that have been built by other volunteer groups and helping to run creative play programmes to inspire the children in the local community to learn, explore and develop themselves.

I am hoping to raise a total of £2000 through various fundraising activities. This money will be used in different parts of my trip such as food, accommodation, wildlife conservation and most importantly for the charity itself.

Any donations for my trip to Uganda would be greatly appreciated.

Charlotte Charlotte Mycock