Betsy Lake I have signed up to do the Gorilla Trek project for East African Play Grounds charity where I will go to Uganda for 3 weeks this July and have to raise atleast £2000 beforehand in order to go. Whilst there, I will visit and learn from local communities, see poached and endangered species, such as the silverback gorillas, and then on the last week, I will be living in and working with a community to build a specially-designed playground for the local school children. The playground that I build will improve over 1,500 children's lives in the next 10 years and the money that I will raise (and hopefully more) 
will support at least 400 children through East African Playgrounds.

Over half of the £2000 goes straight to the charity so they can continue doing their wonderful work. Furthermore, a proportion goes to help the conservation effort of the silverback gorillas through the Uganda Wildlife Authority and some of the money supports the local communities we trek through thanks to the Home of Eridisa. The rest covers some of the project costs but I will be funding the visa, insurance and vaccination costs myself.

East African playgrounds is an amazing charity who have won numerous awards for the ethics, sustainability and impact of their projects. They are also programme partners of UNICEF and PLAN International to name a few. The work they do involves vocational training of the former homeless youth to combat the large unemployment crisis, building refugee settlements and playgrounds, and implementing play and educational programmes in the communities by training teachers. In essence, they help to empower some of the worlds most disadvantaged children so I am very proud and excited to be supporting them and their work. 

I would be so grateful if you could help me reach my fundraising target by giving whatever you can - any donation will make a difference as just £5 will help improve 1 child's life in Uganda.

Betsy Lake