Amy Murray On 30th August 2018, I am going to be travelling to Uganda to help underprivileged children as well as contributing to the conservation of the critically endangered Silverback Gorillas. 8 million children in Uganda live in poverty and whilst battling poverty they lose their ability to have a true childhood. For 2/3 weeks, we will be building and refurbishing playgrounds in local schools, encouraging children to develop their imagination and interaction through play. Meanwhile in the afternoons spent at the school, we will be running activities for the children, creating memories whilst letting them gain confidence and creativity. To go on this adventure, I am fundraising £3000 which covers all our living costs whilst we're there, our gorilla permits and flights, as well as going to the charity 'East African playgrounds' so they can continue to complete these important projects in many other local schools in East Africa.
Please donate and help me to reach my target! Any donation will be greatly appreciated and I will be directly involved in providing the benefits that your donations and this project will have on the children.
Amy Murray