Caitlin May In August 2018 I will be travelling to Uganda for 3-4 weeks to volunteer for East African Playgrounds. I will be helping to build a playground for a school from start to finish; digging foundation holes, mixing cement and painting as well as other tasks. As well as restoring old playgrounds from previous volunteer projects to make them safe. Moreover I will be assisting in the charities creative play programme inspiring children to learn, explore and develop themselves.

Since 2009 East African Playgrounds have installed over 200 playgrounds in communities across Uganda. Not only does the charity build playgrounds for schools but also for refugee settlements, such as Bidi Bidi the world’s largest refugee settlement, thus helping some of the most vulnerable children in the world recover through play.

Play is a vital and an often taken for granted aspect of childhood as studies have shown; play is beneficial for social skills, cognitive abilities, problem solving and concentration to name a few. Unlike our own childhoods, children in Uganda simply don’t get the chance to be creative and play for fun. Children spend time out of school looking for work or helping with chores rather than playing. East African Playgrounds ensures children are able to express themselves at school at least, through play.

I urge you to help me support this amazing charity to continue the programme of building playgrounds and training through summer.

Thank you in advance Caitlin May