Akeem Bourne Hi there, as you can see, I'm Akeem Bourne, one of the most recent Volunteers in the East African Playground campaigns to provide fun, joy and excitement to a children world considered to be, at the very least: beneath the privilege of myself.
I consider myself a lucky man to have had a childhood filled with swings, slides, climbing frames, the works; everything I could want to give me a break from the somethings grinding work put into a good education, something that though everyone need, can prove monotonous, tireing and even boring: joy and play are just as necessary.
The thought of not having these fairly average things made me, shall we say "uncomfortable". I grew up with every chance of fun I can ask for.
So the thought that children in Africa couldn't have what I was used to is: unnerving.
I look at myself and think, "what did I do to earn all this stuff while people out there get nothing?"
That's why I chose to join this Ugandan project. Because every child deserve a chance to get some joy in life, even while being educated. Akeem Bourne