Sam Arnold I will be working as a Team Leader on an amazing adventure which starts with a 5-day trek across the Ugandan countryside, before spending 2 weeks living and working in a rural community, where we will build a playground from scratch to benefit over a thousand children for years to come.

Play is one of the most important parts of childhood, and has even been recognised by the UN as one of the fundamental rights of children. Unfortunately some children aren't lucky enough to have the facilities that we do in the UK, so it is up to charities like East African Playgrounds to support children in this amazing corner of the world.

Each playground built by EAP is adapted to the interests of the local children, as well as being built entirely with local materials and by local workers, who receive a fair wage from the charity.

£25 could provide a small herd of toy animals for the children to play on

£100 could fund one-month educational play programme

£250 could give the children the best climbing frame they (or you) have ever seen!

I'll be fundraising throughout the year, where I'll no doubt be embarrassing myself even more than I usually do, including running the Southampton Half Marathon in a full gorilla costume!

Of the £2000 I raise, £300 will go to the Ugandan Wildlife Authority to improve the conservation and the protection of the last wild mountain gorillas. £600 will go towards the project costs, such as food, accommodation and travel which goes to a non-profit trek organisation called the Home of Edirisa, who support all the local communities we trek through. The final £1,100 will go to East African Playgrounds, who use the money to continue building playgrounds as well as providing a wage to their build team in Uganda, which is made up of around 40 disadvantaged guys who do an amazing job!
Sam Arnold