Chloe Tipler I have decided to take on this challenge to try something completely out of my comfort zone. Travelling to Africa, trekking and building a playground for a local community in Uganda is a once in a lifetime experience, which will undoubtedly change my life forever. I think that time is valuable and therefore the nine days spent volunteering for East African playgrounds in order to help young children who have so little, will not only change their lives and the lives of future generations who get to use the playground. This will also help me to understand what others less fortunate than myself have to deal with, giving me a sense of pride knowing that I was lucky enough to make a small improvement on their childhood.

I cannot wait to make a change to people’s lives for the better and this is why all donations are greatly appreciated.

£100 could pay to employ a Community Staff member for one month.
£50 could provide one week of Arts and Play sessions.
£25 could provide an nteractive Play Area in one of our playgrounds.
Chloe Tipler