Thomas Gregory In June 2018, I’ll be travelling to Uganda for three weeks to help build a playground in one of the local schools there. Working alongside East African Playgrounds we will turn an empty field at one of the local schools into a flourishing playground that’s safe for the children to play on. Doing this will help encourage the children to attend school, play on their new playground, as well as increase their attendance and education. Also, whilst there we will visit one of the playgrounds built by previous EAP volunteers and help restore it to what it looked like when first built. In addition to all this, we will run creative play sessions with the children to help develop their problem solving, creativity and social skills.

The money raised will be used by East African Playgrounds, this will go towards the materials and equipment needed to build the playground, as well as towards a Gorilla Permit from the Ugandan Wildlife Authority. The Gorilla Permit will give me the chance to see the last remaining Silverback Gorillas. The Ugandan Wildlife Authority will use the money raised to help protect these gorillas from extinction.

Any amount of donations would be greatly appreciated! No matter how small the donation, it will still make a huge difference. Please share this page with your family & friends. Thank you! Thomas Gregory