Eriks Gasins I believe in helping the disadvantaged, especially kids so they can get a proper education and a happy childhood. East African Playgrounds provide that for Uganda's schoolkids, one of the poorest countries in the world, therefore I didn't think twice to help them fundraising. I am a student in Loughborough University, UK, but without the financial support my home country Latvia, and the support of UK's Student Loans Company, I wouldn't be able to study here, so I know exactly how important financial support is for kids to get an education. Unfortunately, kids in Africa are not as fortunate or privileged as we are in Europe, and therefore I am trying my best to make a difference and help them to get an education and a happy childhood, but to do that I am looking for people who care about making a difference, making the world a better place, and helping those in need. This is Your chance to help improve the lives of countless children by donating! Eriks Gasins