Eleanor Potter Hi guys!

I've signed up to the Uganda Volunteer Project with the charity, East African Playgrounds to raise £800. 100% of this will go towards the cost of building playgrounds in primary schools in Uganda.

I will be going to Uganda in July 2019 for 4 weeks to live and work within a local primary school to help build a playground.

A playground is a classroom in disguise, children don't know they are learning, they don't feel like they are learning, but really they are taking in the whole world whilst playing with their friends.

I want to give this gift to the children of Uganda, can you please help by donating towards my fundraising.
£5.11 gives one child their childhood back through access to a safe, fun child-focused playground.

£21.83 educates a teacher on the importance of including play in education and creates a peer network for them to share their learning in.

£73.80 equips a former street child with everything they need to learn the basics of welding, from their own set of work boots through to ear defenders and glasses.

£131 teaches a community of care-givers and educators about the importance of play at home and school, as well as how to maintain their playground.

£197.61 trains a former street child for a month, helping them to become a qualified builder or welder through our apprenticeship scheme.

A breakdown of where the costs go can also be found at:

Thank you so much for your support! Eleanor Potter