Sophie Ingram I’ve signed up with East African Playgrounds to raise £2,000 to build a playground in Uganda.

Play is such an important part of childhood and has so huge benefits as it helps children to develop and learn through play, as well as encouraging them to be more socialable.

I will be given a chance to trek with the Gorillas in their natural habitat as well as being able to meet members of the local community.

For each donation
-£10 will go towards a toy giraffe that the children can play on,
-£15 builds a motorbike made out of tires, encouraging the children to play and interact through role play
-£20 funds safety equipment for adults allowing them to be safe once employed by East African Playgrounds
-£100 funds one-month of the educational play programme
-£250 can fund and give the children a climbing frame

I urge you to donate, play is such a vital part of growing up and will allow these children to have a better future through the many benefits that play gives.

For more information on the project and East African Playgrounds please visit: Sophie Ingram