Sophie Cresswell

The aim set out by East African Playgrounds is to 'Give children their childhoods through play, by providing play facilities and play training for communities.' Play is incredibly important for a child's learning, wellbeing and for healthy brain development.

On the 2nd - 25th August I will be working with locals to provide a playground at a primary school in Uganda, as well as providing maintenance to playgrounds built by previous volunteers. The programme is extremely sustainable as we do not take away the jobs of locals, but instead help them to develop their skills and encourage more locals to become involved in children's education.

The positive impact that East African Playgrounds has had on both children, teachers and the community is undoubtable:
83% improvement in behaviour and concentration of children in class
100% of teachers stated a reduction in absenteeism
74% of children said they want to come to school because of the playground
98% of teachers stated an increase in enrolment
96% of community members saw a positive change in the community

Together we can make a difference. Please donate what you can to help give these children the childhood they deserve.

Thank you.

Sophie Cresswell