Rosie Holdway Next July, I will be travelling to Uganda for just under a month with East African Playgrounds. EAP was formed in 2009 by students at the University of Leeds. They recognised the significance play has in developing a child’s fine motor, social, cognitive and problem-solving skills within a safe environment. They have installed over 200 playgrounds in this short space of time.

The UN includes the right to play in its Convention on the Rights of the Child, the most complete statement of children’s rights ever produced. EAP have built and continue to build playgrounds crafted for specific communities in hospitals, schools and refugee settlements alongside UNICEF across Uganda.

Examples of where your donation goes are:
£10 - Builds a toy giraffe for the children to play with
£15 - Builds a motorbike out of tyres
£20 - Funds safety equipment for disadvantaged young adults to help them be safe and begin employment with EAP
£50 - Builds a table for space for board games

Play is the universal language of a child, enhancing their experience of this essential. I hope to help children access their right to childhood whilst working alongside East African Playgrounds next year with the help of your donations.

Thank you Rosie Holdway