Ria Colamazza Hello, thank you for visiting my page! I’m Ria and I’m hoping to fundraise enough money, which will go towards protecting the endangered silver back Gorillas, and will also provide disadvantaged children in east Africa a school playground, which will give them a simple joy of childhood, which many of us westerners easily overlook!
I will be flying out to East Africa to the country of Uganda and will be trekking through mountains and jungle to see exactly where mine and your money goes and how it has a direct impact!
While in Uganda, I will have the chance to meet the people who look after the area where the endangered gorillas are and walk through the jungle to hopefully see the silver back gorillas!
I’ll also be part of a volunteering team who will be building a playground and “re-painting” an old playground for the children. The choice of building a playground is important as it not only provides children with a chance at creating joyful childhood memories, but it has been proven that play increases learning levels!
As well as I'll be working with the community and children in helping them to learn basic skills, which will last them a lifetime!
I’ll be so greatful to anybody who can give anything to help this cause! So PLEASE DONATE!! Ria Colamazza