Phoebe Codrington In June 2019, I will be partaking in a trip to Uganda to help build a playground for school children. East African Playgrounds is an incredible charity that aims to give the gift of play to African children.

Whilst it seems strange to travel to a foreign country to build a playground, rather than a school or a hospital or something that, on the outside, appears to be more 'useful’, we cannot underestimate the value of play for children. Studies have shown that young children develop a huge variety of skills through play, including cognitive and social skills, as well as their imagination. This is something that I have taken for granted whilst growing up. It is only now that I am older that I fully appreciate the value of play for young children.

As part of the trip I will be trekking through all types of terrain to search for the last remaining Silverback Mountain Gorillas. I will be living and working within a local community during the build.

I need to raise £2,000 for this trip; £600 of this goes to my accommodation, transport, activities and food, £300 is my Gorilla Permit which goes towards protecting the habitat and lives of the gorillas, and the final £1,100 will be given as a donation to the charity, East African Playgrounds. I will be funding my own flights.

I am very excited about this project; I think it will challenge me in many ways both during the fundraising stage and during the actual trip itself. Please help me reach this goal and donate as much as you can - every penny counts and it is going to a fantastic cause.

For more details on this trip and where the funds go to check out EAP’s website: Phoebe Codrington