Peejay Paul My mother was a Nurse at the Eku Baptist Hospital, Delta State, Nigeria in the 1980s. That gave her children the opportunity to participate in the holiday programmes organised by missionary doctors from America who were attached to the hospital. The programmes were fascinating for kids who were living in a little town like ours, with no electricity, television, etc. We learned about God, we had games, sports, we played, we sang in groups, we had adventures, we visited sick children, etc. I still remeber the sweet emotions they brought to me as a little boy. I looked forward to every moment of it. And these went on all through the school holidays, although I do not remeber for how many years we had it. Later in life when I saw 'Sesame Streets' on television, it was a perfect match for the experience I had. I remember how hurting it felt when the programme was stopped because of lack of funds.
Please join me to make these children in Uganda have that memorable experience of their lives. Our efforts can make a difference in their lives. Peejay Paul