Oakley Summerhayes Next summer, I will be joining a team of paid Ugandan professionals and other volunteers to help build a playground in Uganda. This will be my first visit, not just to Uganda, but to Africa, and therefore I am extremely excited about this opportunity to experience such an exotic and undiscovered country for the first time. I believe it is fitting that we are able to dedicate the majority of our stay to improving the lives of the people who live there, especially through the building of the children’s playground.

Working with East African Playgrounds, I am raising £2,000 to aid the construction of a playground and to bring the gift of play to the children of Uganda. East African Playgrounds is an international NGO, focused on East Africa, where they have already built 250 playgrounds in Uganda. Their playgrounds are often built on refugee sites, with the charity striving to ensure every child is given the skills needed to be successful alongside the (recently UN recognised) human right of play.

Playtime is an essential part of a child’s school day, a chance to run around, build friendships and ultimately enjoy themselves. I will also be engaging the children in activities and games designed to develop the children's problem solving skills, creativity and imagination through play; educating them through the medium of having fun.

I am volunteering with East African Playgrounds through their Gorilla Trek program with FXU RAD. This is a chance to see the last remaining Silverback Mountain Gorillas after trekking through the beautiful Ugandan landscape. Some of the money goes to the Ugandan Wildlife Authority for the conservation of these majestic creatures, but the majority goes to East African Playgrounds. Here are some examples of the difference your donation could make:

£25 could provide a small herd of toy animals for the children to play on

£100 could fund a one-month educational play programme

£250 could give the children the best climbing frame they (or you) have ever seen!

Please share this page and donate kindly for this excellent cause, after all - every donation makes a difference!

I am also fundraising for my flights, so any money that I raise over the £2,000 can be reimbursed by East African Playgrounds to me (upon request), up to the cost of my flight.
Oakley Summerhayes