Andrew Hayward Hi all,

In order to help fundraise for East African Playgrounds,whose main goal is to provide play programmes in disadvantaged communities across Uganda, my friend Nick Mocatta and I plan to cycle from the Hook of Holland (departing on the 14th June) on the edge of the North Sea, through 11 different countries in 12 days, to reach our finish point on the Mediterranean in Pula, Croatia- a total of 1126 Miles. We will be averaging just under 100 miles per day which equates to around 7 hours in the saddle each day. The trip will take us through some amazing cities, such as Brussels, Strasbourg, and Zurich before reaching the Alps. However, instead of skiing, we're planning on embracing our inner Bradley Wiggins and cycling up, over and through them. The pass via Vaduz and Innsbruck should take us through four days of calf and quad crunching cycling before we reach Vicenza on the 24th June, and continu on to our end stop, Pula, by the 26th. The trip will take us from England, through Holland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and finally Croatia.

Of the £2000 I hope to raise:

£1100 - goes towards East African Playgrounds, who employ over 40 disadvantaged young adults, and have built over 100 playgrounds across Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, including 10 playgrounds in refugee camps, helping some of the most vulnerable children in the world.
£500 - goes towards a Gorilla Permit, purchased from the Ugandan Wildlife Authority, a charity that work on conservation of Ugandan national parks and look after the endangered silverback gorillas we shall trek to see.
£400- goes towards my accommodation, travel and trek costs, including money given to the Home of Edirisa, a social enterprise that works on building up the communities and towns that we shall trek through. They have, for example, built a swimming pool on Lake Bunyoni for children to learn to swim safely.

Nick, having done one epic cycle through France before, which included cycling up Mt. Ventoux, has assured me that the alps may well be the worst four days of my life, albeit four spent in one of the prettiest parts of Europe. So, we are fully aware of just how tough a challenge this will be, but for us, East African Playgrounds is a great cause and any amount, big or small, would be massively appreciated.

Further information on East African Playgrounds and the great work they do can be found in the link below:

Much Love and many thanks,
Horace and Mocatta Andrew Hayward