Natalie Buac Welcome to my fundraising page for East African Playgrounds!

I will be volunteering in Uganda for 4 weeks, working alongside EAP, to turn an empty school field into a children's playground. I will also be taking part in creative play sessions with school children, helping them to learn, grow and develop new skills through play.

Children across the world have the right to play and enjoy childhood. 44% of the Ugandan population, under the age of 14 have no creative or safe area to develop; so this is where EAP step in. Together with the charity, myself and other volunteers on the project will help to provide the tools that enable children to be imaginative, build relationships, express their opinions and be inspired.

EAP run these ethical and transparent programmes to also benefit the staff and apprentices that they train in Uganda.

Any donations made are greatly appreciated!

Thank you for helping me, help make a difference in Uganda! Natalie Buac