Naomi Gibson I was first inspired to embark on such a journey when I became aware of the low level of education and resources in East Africa, I feel that enhancing learning through play is something that should be fully supported. Allowing children to gain vital social and problem solving skills through interactive play.

I am very much looking forward to committing my time to help children in less fortunate communities to better their future by building resources to give them a happy, healthy and educated childhood and future. As well as supporting these children, I feel that this experience will better me as a person as I will gain skills that I would not gain from anywhere else; not to mention to an amazing culture and country that I will be able to explore and submerse myself in.

I was lucky enough to grow up in an area with a playground so I know first hand how this can enhance a child's life, socially and educationally. I feel overjoyed and privileged to be part of such a beneficial charity and organisation along with the opportunity to leave a positive lasting effect on a childs life and Ugandan school. To make it all possible and improve these children's lives enormously any donation and support, no matter how small, will be a great a contribution and step towards a better childhood for the Ugandan children.Thank you! Naomi Gibson