Mimi Ridge Hey Guys, I’m Mimi and next summer I will be volunteering, living and working alongside a local community in Uganda. Demonstrating the power of play, I will be providing manual labour in helping to build a simulating and exciting playground. As well as this I will be running creative play sessions, incorporating play and education to show children that education is FUN!

Play is an integral part of childhood and protected under the UN as one of the fundamental rights of a child. By building a physical space for children to explore, develop and enjoy, playgrounds have been proven to increase school attendance and enrolment across Uganda. Proving invaluable to the mental health and wellbeing of children, playgrounds help to reduce antisocial behaviour, build resilience and increase the understanding of the importance of children right to play.

I am volunteering and fundraising to aid the amazing work of the charity East African Playgrounds (EAP), a charity striving to ensure every child can access their right to a childhood, providing them with the skills to develop. Building over 200 playgrounds across Uganda in schools, community centers and refugee settlements, it has benefitted the lives of 300,000 children. It also runs educational play programs which increase the use of play-based teaching resulting in deeper more connected learning outcomes. Furthermore, as part of the construction of the playgrounds EAP provides an apprenticeship program for previous street children, providing them with the skills, knowledges and experiences to create a prosperous future for themselves.

Throughout the year I will be organising and participating in many fundraising activities to raise money for this amazing charity. I’m so so excited to go to Uganda next summer and see how this money has benefitted their truly wonderful work, 100% of the money I raise will go to the EAP!

Any donations towards this wonderful charity would really be appreciated, no matter how small! Just £5.11 can provide a child with access to a safe, fun and child-focused playground.

Thank you in advance for your generosity Xx
Mimi Ridge