Millie Stack Next summer I have the opportunity to take part in a 3 week trip building a brand new playground in a rural village and trekking to see the last remaining silverback gorillas! But I need to raise £2000 in order to do this and so need your help! Below I will explain how this opportunity (and the money raised for it) will have an impact on multiple lives and therefore why I believe your very kind donations are so worthwhile!
Firstly, why play?
After decades of political unrest and conflict, 8 million children in Uganda live in poverty. Time out of school is spent working or helping at home and those that can attend school are part of huge classes with stretched resources as half the population is under 15 and so at school. Teaching in schools also usually consists of a of ‘rote’, ‘one size fits all’ system meaning children are limited self-expression and creativity. Play provides countless proven benefits including social skills, cognitive abilities, problem solving and fine motor skills. Adding play to a child’s life has been shown to significantly raise IQs and correlates to greater achievement at school. EAP also make sure these playgrounds built by volunteers are used to their full potential by training teachers in play theory and how to incorporate the playground into lessons. Most importantly, having access to something as simple as a playground allows a child to have a proper childhood like the ones we take for granted - even the UN includes the right to play in its Convention on the Rights of the Child due to the importance for a child’s wellbeing.
Why a gorilla trek?
Silverback gorillas are a critically endangered species and this part of the trip supports the Ugandan Wildlife Authority who are committed to the conservation of Ugandan national parks and the endangered gorillas. Furthermore, the money for the permit we pay for to see the gorillas goes towards anti-poaching efforts and pays the wages of guides and guards protecting them. Part of the money also goes to the Home of Edirisa, a social enterprise that works on building up the communities and towns that we will be trekking through.

Please feel free to look at East African Playground's website to find out more and also see how ethical the work they do is and the trips they run are. Or any questions, feel free to ask me.

Thank you in advance for any kind donations! And if you can't donate, please send me fundraising ideas! Millie Stack