Millie Groom I am volunteering with the East African Playgrounds charity to go to Uganda and build and rejuvenate children's playgrounds. Playing is a very important part of childhood development and learning and it gives them a chance to have fun and be social by playing with others. We also get the incredible chance to go and see gorillas and trek across the beautiful landscapes of Uganda.

All the money that is donated helps and goes towards charities in Uganda, for example it may fund:
£10 builds a toy giraffe
£15 builds a motorbike out of tires, which allows children to explore their imagination and creativity
£20 funds safety equipment for young adults seeking employment with the charity
£50 build table space with range of board games

Of the £2000 raised, £300 goes towards the Ugandan Wildlife society to help the gorillas we will see, £1,100 will go direct to the East African Playgrounds charity and the last £600 will go towards the cost of the project, largely the non-profit trek company Home of Edirisia.

Any donation helps and would be much appreciated, thank you! Millie Groom