Unverified User I've signed up to the Gorilla Trek with the charity, East African Playgrounds to raise £2,000 to help bring the gift of play to the children of Uganda.

East African Playgrounds has a vision to ensure that all children enjoy their childhoods through the opportunity to play and learn, as it will contribute to bettering their future opportunities. Through building safe and vibrant playgrounds, children of Uganda can develop things from social skills, cognitive abilities and problem solving, to fine motor skills, concentration, communication, imagination, and self-control. It’s been shown that adding play to a child’s life can lead to significantly raised IQs, greater achievement at school and even higher rates of employment and wages in adulthood - which is why I believe that it this is a great charity who deserves your helpful donations.

As well as working with the local community, I will also be taking part in a trek to find the last remaining Silverback Mountain Gorillas.

I thank you in advance for any contribution.

A breakdown of where the costs go can be found at https://www.eastafricanplaygrounds.org/gorilla-trek-details Unverified User