Megan Marr I've signed up to raise £800 in aid of East African Playgrounds! I will be spending 4 weeks in Uganda living in a local community and building a playground from scratch to transform a community school for children who need it. I will also be helping facilitate a creative play programme with the children to aid their learning. I didn't realise how important simply playing was for a child's development as it is something you don't often think about. It builds physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills needed for the children to make sense of their world and exercise freedom of thought, too.

How your donations could help a child:
£25 could provide a small herd of toy animals for the children to play on
£100 could fund one-month educational play programme
£250 could give the children the best climbing frame they (or you) have ever seen

Or if you wish to donate regularly:
-£5 a month could build a seesaw once a year
-£15 a month could fund the resources for the educational play training programme for a year
-£30 a month could provide full apprentice training to a young welder for a year

As always, absolutely any amount is greatly appreciated and it all adds up so please donate anything you can. Thank you! :D Megan Marr