Paula Maria Dominguez Nunez Hi, my name is Paula and I came to England nearly three years ago and at the beginning it was difficult because I was eighteen years old and it was my first time living abroad by myself and without any knowledge of English; but with my enthusiasm, motivation and effort I got a job in a five stars hotel as a housekeeper. Since my first job, I have been working in some other places, changing my job always for improving my skills. After that, I was in a cleaning company and then in a restaurant, doing all the duties required, always learning and improving the language and my personal and professional interests. I always finished all my roles in a good way and my supervisors and managers were happy with my job.
Nowadays, my current job is waitressing in a Latin restaurant “Las Iguanas” where I am serving my costumers always with a smile in my face and trying that be good night for them .

Secondly, I would like to explain why I think I am a good candidate to start in this project Gorilla trek. I consider myself a good candidate because I am always open and willing to learn any skills; I do not mind the area, but of course I would like to focus on help people because I think it can complete and open new areas of apprenticeship on my knowledge.

In Spain I studied art in high school because I am very creative, innovative and ingenious and I had a lot of subjects related to art and I really enjoyed it. I recognize that I am a very independent person who likes travelling and spending time discovering new places. I like other cultures because there are a lot of differences between all cultures and I am very open to learn about other cultures and interact with other people from other places.

Therefore, when I am on my free time I like drawing and painting a variety of artistic portraits and pictures, I also like watching films and series on my laptop, travelling around and meeting new people because I am very talkative. I like hanging out with my friends when I am not working. Moreover I should reinforce the idea that I like learning languages and learning new skills because my idea on the next years is to live in England while I study an Advertising Degree while I work in the restaurant. I would like that you can give me the opportunity of doing this project possible. Paula Maria Dominguez Nunez