Lyndi Borthwick

Hello Thank You for taking the time to visit my fundraising page for East African Playgrounds.
I have signed up with this charity to raise £800 to give children from disadvantaged backgrounds a chance to play. We are all familiar with our childhood and how the playground played such a vital role in our lives to develop as human beings. Many children in Uganda do not get this opportunity. This playground will help the children to make sense of the world around them and exercise freedom of thought. East African Playgrounds build playgrounds all across rural Uganda as well as in refugee camps. Children can find empowerment through play where they might not have before.

Below are examples of where your money could go should you wish to donate...
£10-Builds a toy giraffe for a child/children to play with

£15-Builds a motorbike out of tires, allowing kids to engage with their creativity in role play scenarios

£20-Safety equipment for a disadvantaged young adult as they begin employment with East African Playgrounds

£50-Builds a table with space for board games such as checkers or snakes and ladders.

This summer I will be working alongside paid Ugandan professionals and other volunteers. With your help, we can make them a space to openly express who they are through play. Please help me reach my target by giving what you can-any donation is most welcome. Help me make a difference!

Feel free to share and spread the word.

Lyndi Borthwick