Louise Aori-Onyango Hi everyone, my name is Louise. I am 19 years old and currently a first year student at the university of Leicester . I have always been intrigued in volunteering abroad ; as I believe it is important to give back to people, given that it can create a positive impact in their lives. I am ecstatic to partake in East African Playgrounds as I'm passionate about helping ; in addition, it is based in my home country, Uganda. This makes it extra special and important to me as I want to give back and make a change to somewhere that's close to my heart. My fundraising target is 800 pounds. So, I will be hosting various events to help reach this target. I hope everyone can follow my journey and donate. Furthermore, this will mean a lot to the children back home in Jinja, Uganda. Kind regards from Louise Louise Aori-Onyango