Lucy Pidsley Hi, as you may be aware I started at Bournemouth University in September 2018. I was told the best way to survive Uni, was to throw yourself straight in to it. So, by my 4th week I found myself procrastinating from my 3 assignments that were due, and signing up to Trek through the Uganda rainforests with the aim to find the last few remaining Silverback Gorillas. Then spend 2 weeks helping The East African Playground build a new safe site for the children of the local villages to play on.

My story isn't the shortest of them all, nor the lightest of hospital files. So I will just explain the main reasoning behind why I myself wanted to help these children have an amazing childhood. Don't get me wrong, the years I spent as a youth, oblivious to what was to come when you hit adulthood (having to live by yourself!!! A lot harder than I thought, the washing soon piles up!) was amazing. The experiences I had, the adventures I went on, in and out of my wheelchair. The laughs the people around me helped to create.

So whilst studying my Event Management degree at Bournemouth, I saw that this was an amazing opportunity to travel to Uganda as my way of helping others less fortunate to have smiles so easily placed on their face.

In June next year (2019), I will travel with a bunch of other students from my University and a couple of other groups of students from across the UK to Uganda for just under 3 weeks.
On this trip we spend the first few days trekking all different landscapes, camping along the way, exploring and creating our own new pathways (with a guide thank the lord!) in the aim to find the last few remaining wild Silverback Gorillas. We will then make our way to the villages. Where we will sleep on a mattress on the floor of the local school, and wake up every day to the faces of the school children as we spend our days building them slides, climbing frames, seesaws, floor games, swings and many more of the things that seem so simple to us. With most of us living by a playground, as they are not in their rarity around the UK. But most of the children in today’s generation do not realise the importance of playground activities the physical, mental, intellectual and social well-being it helps bring to children. Especially the less fortunate.

So all I ask is for you to help me help them, and donate some money to my fundraising page. I will also be in true Pidsley style throwing some events all in the aim of fundraising too. And hope to see you all there.

Thank you,
Lucy Pidsley x
Lucy Pidsley