Lucy Jenkins My trip to Uganda is organised by the charity East African Playgrounds (EAP). During my three weeks there, I will be volunteering on the construction of a new community playground, leading play based sessions with some of the children, as well as spending five days trekking across mountains, lakes and jungle.
Play has been recognised by the UN as a right for every child, due to the social, emotional and cognitive benefits it provides. Unfortunately, this right is often overlooked, so play is not something that all children have access to. EAP is a non-profit charity that aims to bring the benefits of play to disadvantaged children across East Africa through the construction of playgrounds and the training of teachers and parents to encourage play-based learning. It now also works closely with UNICEF to create safe play areas in refugee camps in Uganda.
I have a fundraising target of £2000 for the trip. Of the money raised, £1100 will go directly to the charity EAP and £300 will go to the Ugandan Wildlife Authority to help with the conservation efforts of the silver back gorillas. The remaining funds cover the project costs of food, accommodation and travel, all of which is organised by a non-profit trek company.
Examples of what the money raised can pay for:
£10- builds a toy giraffe for the children of the community to play with
£15- builds a motorbike out of tyres so the children can get involved in creative role play
£20- funds safety equipment for a disadvantaged young adult to help them be safe and begin employment with EAP
£50- builds a table for space for board games
If you are able to support me, any donations would be greatly appreciated and will help give the children much needed facilities for fun and friendship. Thank you very much!
Lucy Jenkins