Lucy Drennan Thank you for visiting my donation page for East African Playgrounds (EAP)! I am a second year Psychology student at Plymouth University, originally from Doncaster in South Yorkshire. This will be my second trip to Uganda with EAP- I loved it so much I had to come back!!

As EAP say, "Play is the universal language of a child". A statement which, as a Psychology student, I completely agree with. Engaging in play encourages the healthy development of children, increasing their social skills, cognitive abilities and their self control- this has been found to be especially true for those children who live in poverty. Due to lack of funding in schools, many children across East Africa don't have access to safe places to play, which is something that is changing due to the amazing work of EAP.

EAP also takes a grass roots approach by employing people from the local area and training them to do the manual work involved in building these playgrounds, which leaves them with valuable skills and lifelong careers.

Thank you for any donations possible! Lucy Drennan