Lucija Petrović Welcome to my fundraising page. I am Lucija, a student at Loughborough University. I've signed up to the Gorilla Trek with the charity, East African Playgrounds to raise £2,500 to help bring the gift of play to the children of Uganda. I will be going to Uganda to live and work within a local community to build a playground for a school.

Play has an incredible benefit on a child's development. It builds physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills. It also gives them a space in which they can make sense of the world and have freedom of thought. I believe every child should have this opportunity. To us, it might seem like nothing, but it makes a huge difference to them. Some of them don't have any other opportunity to learn, educate themselves and make friends other than those playgrounds.

So I decided to spend three weeks in Uganda and try to make a difference as much as I can. Please help me raise money - any donation, big or small, would be appreciated. Even by spreading the word, you can have an impact! Thank you for your support!!

Money raised over £2,000 will be going towards my flights, allowing me to travel to Uganda to volunteer.

You can follow my fundraising project on my Facebook and Instagram (lucija.petrovic99) page.
Lucija Petrović