Leah Epton The opportunity to play is a large aspect of everyone's childhood, helping children to develop mentally and socially, and is often taken for granted. In Uganda, 57 percent of the child population is living in poverty, and 4 million children under the age of 5 are deprived of the basic child rights. My aim through fundraising is to develop a safe learning environment where children can not only play, but develop creativity, imagination and enhance their social skills.
As part of the East African Playgrounds charity, me and the team will be travelling to Uganda on 30th August for 3-4 weeks. I will use my fundraising money to transform a playing field into a safe and exciting playground for children to enjoy. I will be taking part in non skilled labour work such as painting and digging, also having the opportunity to highlight the importance of safe play to tutors, which will improve the quality and development of the children's learning.
The money I receive from fundraising will be used to improve the quality of these children's lives and enhance their opportunities in the future, therefore I will be extremely grateful for any donation given!!!X Leah Epton