Katherine Kota I decided this summer to go to Uganda for three weeks with East African Playgrounds and help give kids the ability to play!

While in Uganda I will spend 5 days trekking to see the last remaining silverback gorillas. Then I will stay at a local primary school and help build a playground from scratch for that school. East African Playgrounds believes in learning through play, and that all kids have the right to play. Imagine living your whole childhood unable to play, and unable to have access to items that support creativity. I want to be able to give these children that right, and through your donations that will be possible. If I can make a difference in at least one child's life then it all will be worth it!

I am so excited for this journey, and any amount will help me reach my goal!

Thank you for donating, and I can't wait to come back and share my Uganda story with you.

All the best,
Katie Katherine Kota